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BryanSquad is a Minnesota-based pilot project formed for the purposes of creating jobs and facilitating productivity for startups, corporations, and organizations in their various ventures.

Bryan Squad was founded in March 2016 by Barbara OBrien, and Raihana Akter, while forecasting a need to combine a talented workforce as well as helping to advance the financial status of women in need through microloans and brokering Online Assistant and tech jobs.

In August of 2016, BryanSquad welcomed our catalyst, Mr. Tanzeer Tanin, as Chief Administrative Officer. With Tanzeer’s insight and experience, plans began to materialize.Tanzeer quickly took charge of the HR and adminstrative side of BryanSquad, forging more expedient operations.

In October of 2016, Mr. Toufiq Akram joined us as Chief TechnoIogy Officer and Director of Sales and Marketing.  BryanSquad has benefitted from Toufiq’s energy, enthusiasm, tech skills, and networking efforts.

BryanSquad provides tech solutions, support and business solutions with professional services and client support to promote Work-Life balance and a win-win.

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  • Bryansquad’s just an awesome site. I really like their 24/7 help support, and I think the price was very reasonable.  They seemed professional and skilled at what they do. Their personal task services were efficient and they got the work done… read more

    Chad Edwards
  • As business solution providers, Bryansquad met all my expectations. Lots of services in one platform. I tried their content writing services and it was spot-on!  I wish Bryansquad the best of luck. I’ll be back again.

    Brandon Nystrom
  • I have hired the same web developer, Alam, on two separate projects.  One for a blog and another for an eCommerce site that I now generate revenue from. Alam remembered who I was, what the tasks were, and this minimized my… read more

    Don Chapin
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