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Female-owned: Who we are and what we do

BRYANSQUAD, a female-owned web design and business solutions site


A female-owned Web Development and Business Solutions firm founded by Barb OBrien and Raihana Akter, two entrepreneurs collaborating on opposite sides of the globe, we help our clients achieve more work-life balance.

Our services include Web Development, Web Design, Online Personal Assistants, Small Business Consultation, and Call Center Operations in both English and Spanish.

We are a Minnesota-based company with a global focus, and our team members are located in the U.S., Finland, and Bangladesh.

Our clients:

Our target client is generally a small business, cottage industry, or startup.  We also offer consultation services.  Our clients appreciate the guidance and direction that our Business Solutions consultant provides.

How we differ:

What makes a just a little different from other Virtual Assistant firms? Aside from being a female-owned business, we are committed to creating jobs that empower women and families. In impoverished countries, small business lending is either out of reach, or available only from predatory moneylenders. We at Bryansquad focus on opportunities that elevate a woman’s status both economically and within her community.

We at Bryansquad focus on opportunities that elevate a woman’s status both economically and within her community.

Did you know?

Five percent of our revenue at is allocated to zero-interest microcredit.  This help comes in many forms: the hand-crank sewing machine that doesn’t require electricity, textiles, bicycles, tools, equipment, livestock, commercial cooking implements, first month’s rent on a shop or stall, and other inventory.

Studies over the past 35 years show that microcredit extended to women improves the family’s socioeconomic outcome in the long-term.  Findings indicated that women demonstrate a tendency toward spending for the family’s benefit, thus helping to reduce the cycle of poverty.

So when you hire a Bryansquad Developer or Call Center in order to increase your market share, you are also helping a family break the cycle of poverty.



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Team Members

  • Nazrul Data entry Writer
  • Raihana Akter Co-Founder
  • Toufiq Akram Call Center Operations
  • Ahsanul Kabir Senior IT Advisor
  • Tanzeer Tanin Director and Senior Advisor
  • Shafin Alam IT Dept
  • Barbara OBrien CEO