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Business Services and Consulting: Meet our panel of experts and enhance your operations.

Business Services: So many choices!

Considering the big picture, before you begin contemplating your Business Services plan, know that you will be assigned to a consultant who will listen carefully to your ideas and aspirations, in order to better guide you.  As a matter of fact, when you hire someone at Bryansquad, you have access to an entire team!

Business Consulting for your startup or your expansion:

Thereafter, your consultant will advise you on what works and what may fail.  Then, we will proceed with a plan.

Most importantly, our aim is to help you avoid the many pitfalls of starting a business, and get you on a well-planned, steady path to success using sound, prudent business fundamentals.

In all honesty, many businesses fail due to lack of foresight and planning.

In particular, these emerging entrepreneurs are overly optimistic and tend to jump in with both feet, eyes closed, and hoping for a miracle.

Seriously, we at Bryansquad are not expecting any miracles.  Moreover, we live in the real world and were once afflicted with an overabundance of optimism.  It’s ineffective, to say the least.

Frankly, your success is our success.

Failure is not an option at Bryansquad.

As promised, at BryanSquad, we can provide your business with efficient systems from macro to micro.

We facilitate your Inbound Call Center, SEO, Social Media Management, Startup consultation, and even provide you with a website evaluation.

 Additionally, we can also provide agenda maintenance and reminders, email management, travel research, document management, lead generation, and problem-solving strategies.

Peruse our comprehensive list of Business Services.

Per-task Price List:

Business, Office, PR, Job-seekers:

Business Solutions Consultation                    $20 per 1/2 hr

Content Writing – English/Spanish              $25/hr

Article Submissions                                          $50

Data Entry                                                          $45 per workday

Research Projects:                                            $50 per project

Microsoft Office Applications                        $30/hr

Core Competencies Business Research       $30/hr

Travel Research and Arrangements             $25

Resume and Cover Letter posting                 $2 per resume

Managing contacts and emailing                   $150/month

Copyright Analysis                                            $20

Product Pricing and Research                        $20

Scheduling Interviews                                      $20/per interview

Powerpoint presentations                               $2 per frame

Time management consultation                    $20

Follow-up calls to clients and vendors         $2 per call

Tracking shipments                                         $1 per Tracking #


Call Center Demands:

Customer Email Support                                $15 (8-hour workday)

Training Manual Development                      $100 (E-book only) including subsequent support

Inbound Call Center Operations                    $150/month plus $15/day salary per agent

Telemarketing/Cold-calling                           $200/month plus $20/day salary per agent



IT Recruiting                                                   $280/per month

HTML Editing                                                  $20/ per hour

Website Updates                                              $25

Blog post article writing and updates          $30

Copywriting Analysis                                      $20

Uploading Inventory (e-Commerce sites)  $200

Video Animation                                              $50

Software facilitation using:  QA, BA, Dot net, Java, PL/SQL, SQL/DBA, Mainframe, and ETL Data warehouse, Data Stage, and SAP, etc.

Tech Marketing:

SEO/ Social Media                                         $10/per day

Keyword Analysis                                           $20

Affiliate Marketing                                         $3 per day

Site Forum moderating                                 $100 per month

Market Research                                             $20 (8-hr day)

Competitor Research                                     $20 (8-hr day)

Directory Submissions                                  $20 (8-hr day)

Lead generation Research                            $20 (8-hr day)

We respect your time.  That’s why we’re transparent about our prices, so you don’t waste time on snipe hunts.

Incidentally, we are the only Virtual Assistant service that publicizes its prices.

Hence, we are that committed to not wasting your time.  No runaround or hard-sell when you call. Your time is valuable.  We get you.

By the same token, we are occasionally duped into calling “for more information,” only to wind up playing phone tag, having to listen to a sales pitch, answering a litany of questions, when all we really wanted to find out was the price so that we could budget for it.

Furthermore, in the interest of time, we will minimize distractions and help you maximize your knowledge quickly. We know you’re busy.

Given these points, were you able to find everything you’re looking for?  If not, let us know and we will extend you the courtesy of implementing it into your plan.




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