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Innovative, Cloud-based Web Content Writing – not your Mother’s Content Writing.

Content Writing for a myriad of purposes.

Just email us your ideas or plan. We’ll turn it into material that Google and other search engines will gather.

Web Content Writing is your company’s way of expressing its unique business culture and company philosophy. Good quality content is the key point in gaining your market share.

BryanSquad’s targeted product and service descriptions will help your business reach a larger customer base.

Intentional and concise web content for indexing will help improve your Google ranking. Increase your business exposure and readability.

So, what exactly does a Content Writer do?  Many of us imagine an overwhelmed writer sitting at a desk under fluorescent lights, their desk space looking like a paper drive.

Fast forward to 2017.  These days, Professional Content Writers keep their portfolios and their ideas organized and available anywhere in the world from cloud-based apps.  So, if you have an immediate update for your site and your website’s content author happens to be in base camp in Katmandhu, you can still Skype or email her. She can update your site content while you sleep.  So, you’re covered!

If you’ve already written your site content and you suspect your writing may not pass English-teacher scrutiny, just send us a sloppy copy and we’ll polish it up for you. We won’t be judgy!  We work for you, not the Pulitzer committee.  Just email us your word or pdf “literary masterpiece” and we’ll give it a makeover!

On the other hand, if you don’t like to write at all, our web content writing is your game-changer.

Aside from writing web content, we can also facilitate specialized Content Writers for the following professions:  Medical, Dental, Higher and Public Education, Aeronautics, Applied Science, Statistics, Advertsing, Marketing, Sales, Blog writing and Newsletters.

We are also pleased to be able to provide you with professional Spanish-language writers/translators.  Does your global organization need to access the growing Spanish-speaking market?

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