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eBay & Amazon inventory management. One less task to do.

Let us handle your eBay & Amazon inventory hassles.  We’re quick and affordable.

We’ll help you keep your business records squeaky-clean and transparent so that you can better forecast sales.  Do you sell your products on Amazon or Ebay but wanted your own store?  Do you wish your store could look more attractive?

What Inventory Management can do for you:

-Keep you current on sales projections;

-Track your inventory so that you don’t oversell;

-Keeps you from over-ordering or not having enough of high-demand items;

-Helps you predict trends and demand cycles;

-Locate drop shippers to speed up shipping time;

-Potential increase in market share due to quicker delivery;

-Email communication, shipping notifications, and follow-up with clients.

-Damage control: Don’t give your customer a reason to complain.  We handle the delicate nature of pacifying an irate customer by handling their concerns in a timely manner.

-Identify and alert you of any upward (or downward) sales trends so that you don;t waste time, effort and investment in products with diminishing popularity.

Have you always wanted an eBay store?

If your products are in a stationary state, let us assist you. Our staff can create an online store worthy of your aspirations.  They will also make helpful suggestions and provide strategies to make your business more competitive and visible to your prospective customers.

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