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Minnesota Virtual Assistants – Are you overscheduled and overwhelmed? Working 60 hours a week? Read this:

Do you have a business? Is your company growing fast?

Let one of our Minnesota Virtual Assistants help you no matter where you do business.

Are your clients getting the impression that you can’t handle the volume they’re giving you?  Then you probably need a Virtual Assistant.

No overhead.

Did you know, a Virtual Assistant is like having an Online Administrative Assistant.

In fact, Virtual Assistants are the most sought-after solution for an overscheduled CEO, President or VP in any given organization.

Our Administrative Coordinator, Tanzeer, will assist you in selecting the best fit for your business and IT demands.  Just call us at 952-236-4432 to get started.

Are you missing out on what really matters? A Virtual Assistant can help.

Do you find yourself missing your kids’ hockey games, basketball tournaments, or even their Award Ceremonies because you put in 60-80 hours a week at work?  Stop the madness!

Barb, our Administrative Specialist, will exhaust every possibility to identify all the time-consuming items on your overscheduled agenda.

Moreover, we realize that being an Administrator is like chasing rabbits; you can’t catch them all by yourself.

Successful entrepreneurs have one common denominator:  They surround themselves with experts.

You need a team in order to succeed.

Perhaps you are an Office Manager making 1000+ decisions daily, and in a constant state of alert.  You can enhance your productivity with a little help from BryanSquad Virtual Assistants.

If you are an Executive Administrator, your demands are numerous and disperse.  Try us out.  We’re surprisingly affordable.

If you are a Senior Administrative Assistant, then you are putting out fires all day.  Have you ever considered designating certain lower-priority tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

If your expectations are higher than most, give our Executive Administrative Assistant the opportunity to maximize your achievements, while minimizing your stress and frustration.

Small business or startup? Always wanted an Executive Secretary, but don’t want all the overhead expenses?

Have you ever told a coworker or colleague: “If I had a Secretary, then xyz would be finished and I could go kayaking instead of coming in on Saturday.”

Need an Office Administrator but don’t want to explain yourself over and over? Our Online Office Manager will simplify the process.

What’s more, doing what’s commonly referred to as task segmentation, breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable parts is one of the ways we can help.

However, if your job title is Senior Executive, then you are frequently delegating your lower-priority assignments to others.  Hand them over to our Senior Administrative Assistant and he or she will do the appointing and assume personal responsibility for the outcome.

Are you tired of hiring (or firing) employees who aren’t a good match your organization or company culture?

Our helpful Administrative Assistants come with no strings attached and will accommodate you where you are.

Stop limiting yourself.  Give us a call and offload all those labor-intensive tasks to our warm and welcoming staff at BryanSquad.  You won’t lose a thing.



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